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What Leaders in the Field Are Reading, September 2017

What are the top Technology Lawyers reading this month? See below for what the ITechLaw Board of Directors are reading about recent developments in technology law. Follow ITechLaw on Twitter @itechlaw_assn for additional articles and information.

Susan Barty, CMS, United Kingdom: UK's Crown Prosecution Service issues new guidance on online abuse to be treated as seriously as offline hate crimes

Gabriela Kennedy, Mayer Brown, Hong KongDigital justice: China sets up first Cyberspace Court in Hangzhou.

Jeremy Morton, Harbottle & Lewis LLP, United KingdomMusk and other tech leaders demand ban on Lethal Autonomous Weapons (or ‘LAW’…)

Sheena Jacob, JurisAsia LLC, SingaporeCredit report firm is accused of using "admin" as a login and password for its Argentine business.

Gabriela Kennedy, Mayer Brown, Hong KongCryptocurrency businesses are ordered to exit China

Diego Fernández, Marval O'Farrell & Mairal​, Argentina: Insurance Giant AXA Launches Self-Executing Smart Contracts