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ITechLaw offers individual and group membership; each offers the same benefits, but the group membership offers multiple people from the same firm to enjoy member benefits. Firms that have more than 3 people as members are encouraged to consider a group membership. Members will be contacted in June to renew for the upcoming year. Download membership details. See details below about the discounted membership with SVAMC.

Become a member today by creating an online profile, and then purchasing a membership.

Member Benefits include:

NETWORKING with top Technology Law professionals around the world:

  • Online Member Directory with nearly 1,000 members worldwide
  • Participation on Substantive Law and Membership Committees
  • Access to the Member Center, a social networking site providing easy access to other members and facilitating communication between ITechLaw conferences

LEARNING from global industry leaders through premier educational opportunities:

  • Discounted registration prices for all ITechLaw Conferences, hosted in Europe, the United States, India, and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Post-event access to conference session materials through the Member Center
  • Consideration for speaking opportunities and workshop presentations at ITechLaw Conferences

CONNECTING with peers in related industries

  • Participation in our committee webinars and roundtables
  • A 10% discount off the annual subscription fee of Computer Law Review International (CRi)
  • ITechLaw daily Lexology email newsletter

Membership Rates

All memberships run annually from July 1 – June 30. New members joining in the middle of the year will pay a pro-rated rate based on the month of joining for their first year and continuing through June 30. Rates vary by member type and geographic region, see outline below. Create a profile to have your membership rate calculated automatically, or view a list of region 2 countries that represent low income and lower-middle-income economies as listed by the World Bank

Discounted Membership

Individual Rates*

Individual Membership Levels

Region 1

Region 2

Regular 1 (Attorneys in practice more than 5 years)



Regular 2 (Attorneys in practice less than 5 years)



In-House Counsel



Government, Law Professor, or Nonprofit/NGO



Non-Lawyer Associate



Law Student



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Organization Rates*

Group Membership Levels

Region 1 Law Firm

Region 1 Corporation

Region 2 Law Firm

Region 2 Corporation

10 Attorneys





11-25 Attorneys





26-40 Attorneys





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*Note: ITechLaw Membership dues and fees are not refundable and not transferable (including, without limitation, in the event of any early termination of a member's membership).