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Technology as a facilitator to ADRs: the American and Brazilian experiences

May 1, 2019

Join us for a webinar to discuss Technology as a facilitator to ADRs. Our Speakers Felipe Frank and Luiz Krassuski will discuss the American and Brazilian experience. Felipe Frank will talk about e-arbitration and its core advantages, such as speed, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Luiz Krassuski will summarize some concrete experiences in the United States and Brazil, confronting the legal framework and its challenges to be more broadly employed.

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Speaker: Felipe Frank

Felipe Frank is Professor of Private Law at Opet Law School. He is currently an LL.M candidate in Corporate Law at Harvard Law School and holds a PhD, an LLM and a JD granted by the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). He is partner at Manoel Caetano, a boutique law firm specialized in appellate litigation in Curitiba, Brazil.



Speaker: Luiz Krassuski

Luiz Krassuski is Professor of Civil Procedure at The Brazilian Academy of Constitutional Law (ABDConst). He is a PhD candidate at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), and also holds an LL.M and a JD, both granted by the same University, in which he was the Honor Graduate of his law school class (recipient of the “Professor Teixeira de Freitas Award"). He also holds a Specialist degree granted by the ABDConst. Krassusli is a former law clerk at the Brazilian Supreme Court and currently work as a senior associate lawyer at Barroso Fontelles, Barcellos, Mendonça & Associates (BFBM) in Brasília, Brazil, a leading Brazilian Law Firm, representing mostly tech companies.