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Interactive Entertainment and Media Committee Webinar

November 30, 2017

Join the Interactive Entertainment and Media Committee and speaker Dirk Spacek for a webinar on a overview on personalization models in the entertainment sector

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Personalized Media & Entertainment -  business models, legal framework and societal concerns

Description: Online-Technologies have altered the framework within which media & entertainment companies operate today. Not only do they provide more flexibility for providing content to users but they also facilitates the specific tailoring and targeting of content to the specific needs of consumers. This can occur through specific online-subscription models, monitoring and processing technologies of customer habits and preferences but it can also be triggered through interactive consumer participation and further intermediaries in the content provision chain. For example, AI-based household objects could procure content for/on behalf of consumers based on their interactive analysis of the consumer’s needs in the future. As users are increasingly less willing to pay for entertainment content, as an additidonal layer, big data analytics provides media companies with new means of data monetization to close the revenue gap. All of these developments open various new opportunities, but they also raise considerable data privacy concerns. With regard to AI-based intermediaries, AI-contracting and liability issues may also impose additional legal constraints to personalized entertainment. Finally, the developments also raise societal concerns: After all, purely individualized content provision – in contrast to traditional media mass communication – could endanger freedom of information as a foundational human right. In this Webinar, Dirk Spacek will provide an overview on personalization models in the entertainment sector, shed light on legal concerns involved and discuss societal concerns raised by such new forms of entertainment.

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