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Summit on Legal and IP Protection for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

December 18, 2019

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Watson & Band Forum
Summit on Legal and IP Protection for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Shanghai China

December 18, 2019, Wednesday, 13:30-17:30

Jinjiang Hotel, 59 South Maoming Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain, closely interrelated as they are, represent new technologies and business models. The emergence of blockchain and its application in the field of finance and intelligent contract have attracted extensive attention from all circles. Its concept of decentralization, distinctive features and advantages have in effect brought huge impacts to the original legal system, and triggered corresponding legal problems.

In response to the coming era of technological innovation, Watson & Band will hold its 2019 annual forum – the Summit on Legal and IP Protection for Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence on December 18. Renowned scholars, in-house counsels and other professionals engaging in block chain, big data and artificial intelligence related academic researches and practical operations will be invited to the Summit. These honored guests, along with core members on Watson & Band’s data law and IP services team, will systematically sort out blockchain related concepts, theoretical and legal issues, and comprehensively analyze the cutting-edge legal issues in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data applications, as well as complicated legal problems in the area of key applications.

Also at the Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to learn details of ITechLaw Singapore Conference and plan their next-year presence at the event on April 22-24, 2020.

We sincerely invite you to attend our annual event and look forward to your presence at the summit.



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  • Watson & Band IP Agent Ltd.
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  • ECUPL Data Law Research Center
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Summit Agenda






Opening Speech

ITechLaw Singapore – China Warming-up Event


Keynote Speech 1: Transition in Enterprise Datamation: Data Governance and Compliance

-- Fuping Gao, Senior Partner of Watson & Band, President of ECPUL Data Law Research Center


Keynote Speech 2: Judicial Protection for Blockchain-related Intellectual Property Rights

-- Judge engaging in related trial practices


Panel 1: Data Crawler, Face Recognition and Data Cross-border Compliance

Moderator: Cathy Wu, Partner of Watson & Band

Panelists: TBD


Tea Break


Keynote Speech 3: Judicial Blockchain

-- Pingping Wu, President of Tencent Legal Innovation Center


Keynote Speech 4: Blockchain Technology and Patent Protection

-- Hua Xiao, General Manager of Watson & Band, Senior Patent Attorney


Panel 2: Data Governance and Data Security

Moderator: Dan Zhang, Partner of Watson & Band

Panelists: TBD


Closing Remarks

Specifics will be subject to the agenda on the date of the event.

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