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ITechLaw has been serving the technology law community worldwide since 1971 and is one of the most widely established and largest associations of its kind. It has a global membership base representing six continents and spanning more than 60 countries. Its members and officials reflect a broad spectrum of expertise in the technology law field.

ITechLaw is a not-for-profit organization established to inform and educate lawyers about the unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing, acquisition and use of information and communications technology. We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and in-depth examination of information technology and telecommunications law issues.​

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@itechlaw_assn •
3 weeks 1 day
RT @Mudd_Law: Supreme Court to rule on cellphone location #privacy, determine if police need warrants to access past locations https://t.co
@itechlaw_assn •
1 month 1 week
Enjoy the memories from #ITLchicago! View photos: https://t.co/PvzbNjzIRq
@itechlaw_assn •
1 month 1 week
California continues to be the leader in employee mobility with its ban on non-competes. https://t.co/ADUYRIxl2d #ITLBoard @tradesecretslaw

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