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Coffee or Cognac (May)

May 25, 2021




Theme:  Our monthly Coffee or Cognac series topic will be announced soon!  

As always, this is your chance to meet with industry experts, make new friends, and connect with peers you haven’t seen in a while. 

Date & Time:  Our Coffee or Cognac Networking Events take place on the last Tuesday of every month at the below times to allow for as many people to network with each other:






San Francisco

New York

Buenos Aires




Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 08:00:00

Tue 1:30 pm

Tue 4:00 pm

Tue 6:00 pm

Tue 8:00 pm

Tue 1:00 am *

Tue 4:00 am *

Tue 5:00 am

Tue 9:00 am *

Tue 10:00 am *

Tue 12:00 noon

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 16:00:00

Tue 9:30 pm

Wed 12:00 midnight

Wed 2:00 am

Wed 4:00 am

Tue 9:00 am *

Tue 12:00 noon *

Tue 1:00 pm

Tue 5:00 pm *

Tue 6:00 pm *

Tue 8:00 pm




0:00 - 0:05

5 minutes of networking

0:05 - 0:20

15 minutes discussion 

0:20- 1:00

40 minutes of networking


Registration Fees:

Free registration to Coffee or Cognac is a Member Benefit. Please view our Membership page for more information on how to join!

  • Member = $0
  • Non-Member = $20

This is an opportunity for you to meet and connect with other technology lawyers regardless of where they live, in the same city or on another continent. You can sign up for any time slot that is convenient for YOU. Multiple breakout tables will be available at each time slot, and video discussions are limited to 8 people to ensure everyone has the opportunity to talk and connect.

Future events will occur on the last Tuesday of the month, so please be on the lookout for one of our future networking events!


 “The small group chats worked really well.  An easy way to meet other members and a close second to meeting in person.”
– Jake Marshall, Partner, Carpmaels & Ransford 

“This was a great initiative and should be a regular thing.  Why wait until the next global health crisis (or Conference) to leverage the networking platform that is ITechLaw?”

– Nick O’Connell, Partner - Al Tamimi & Company, Riyadh