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Continuing Education Credits

The 2023 World Technology Law Conference will be offering Continuing Legal Education Credits (CLE), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and Continuing Privacy Education Credits (CPE).

CPD/CLE FAQ - 2023 World Technology Law Conference

1.  What states is the 2023 World Technology Law Conference pre-approved for? 

Credits have been pre-approved for CLE in CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, NJ, NY, OH, and WI.

CPD approval is pending in British Columbia, Ontario, and Québec.

CLE approval is pending in IN, NC, VA, and VT.

2. How many credits will I receive? 

For 60-minute states: Attendees can receive up to 10 credits including 1 Diversity & Inclusion.

For 50-minute states: Attendees can receive up to 12 credits including 1 Diversity & Inclusion.

3. I only attended a session for 30 minutes, can I still receive credit? 

Yes, partial credits will be granted only if your CLE/CPD boards allow it. 

4. I did not intend to sign up for CPD or CLE during registration, can I still opt-in? 

Yes, simply click the button at the bottom of this page and fill out the online digital form.

5. Is there anything else I need to do to earn CPD / CLE credit?

Yes, you must sign in and out of every session you attend.

6. What do I do if I do not get to sign in or out of a session?

If you are on-site, you can stop by the CLE desk by registration or you can email and be sure to include the session date and title. 

7. When should I expect to receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate 30 business days post-conference.

Note: For states pending approval, this will be longer. To confirm the approval status for your states, please contact us at

8. How will I receive my certificate? 

CPD & CLE certificates will be sent to the email address on the CLE request form.

9. Do I self-report or will you report my credits?

We report credits for: CA, GA, IL, and OH (Pending states: IN and NC)

Attorneys are required to self-report to: CT, FL, NJ, NY, VA, VT, and WI (Pending: BC, ON, QC, VA, and VT)

10. I spoke on a panel, am I eligible to receive teaching credits? 

Yes, depending on your jurisdiction, you may receive additional credits. A definite number cannot be determined at this time. Click the button below and fill out the digital request form. 

To fill out the digital CLE request form, click the button below.



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