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Local Representatives

The Local Representatives Committee is to increase and maintain ITechLaw membership in their territory. The duties of the LR Committee Chair and Vice-Chair are to liaise with the Membership Committee on a regular basis and coordinate implementation of Membership Committee policy and directives at the LR Committee level. The duties of the Local Representatives are to recruit new members, assist with the retention of existing members, and heighten the visibility and reputation of ITechLaw among the local bar by engaging in activities appropriate for the LR’s jurisdiction, as approved by the LR Committee Chair and Vice-Chair.

The Local Representatives Committee is expected to be knowledgeable of the activities engaged in by ITechLaw, including the various committees offered by ITechLaw, its various publications and conferences and other events and the activities engaged in by the Substantive Law Committee. It is important that Local Representatives be knowledgeable in these areas to inform members and prospective members about ITechLaw and direct them to particular activities that may be of interest. If you are an ITechLaw member, view the community page for more details.

Robert Milligan

United States / Los Angeles
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Vice Chair